Monday, December 21, 2009

Whatcha donin?

When our 9 year old son was a small boy, he would often come to us and ask us, “Whatcha donin?” (That’s toddlerease for “What are you doing?)  It is still heard in our house today as we remember those quickly fleeting times of my second baby as he becomes a young man. 

All of that to say, here is what we’ve been doing.  It is a crazy busy but happy, memory building time…

There’s been a little baking


with a little bit of help here and there.


There’s been cutting, gluing, painting, glittering,


and decorating with our new creations.



There have been trips to the homes of our families and hanging out with cousins, aunts, uncles,


and our PawPaw (and MawMaw too!).


And there has still been the quest for those perfect Christmas card photos…



DSCN0422 DSCN0429 or maybe it’s just Mommy enjoying the new camera and torturing everyone with endless photo sessions.


This week promises to be a week full of a flurry of activities but on Friday, we will slow considerably and spend a few days at home focused on our little family and the little Baby who came so many years ago.

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