Saturday, December 12, 2009

Full days

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Our days have been very busy as they always are during December.  I tell myself every year that I am going to have all of the shopping and gift making done by December 1 but I never do.  For some reason, I can not really think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  I always marvel at my friends who shop through out the year and those who begin their gift making before December.  I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment so I wait until the last minute. 

Anyway, our days have been full of fun and even a little bit of stress.  I could do without the stress but we’re still having a good time.  The kids are enjoying our Jesse Tree devotions.  I am enjoying listening to my two young girls who are starting to understand Jesus and the wonder of His birth.  My older daughter seems to be right on the verge of understanding why He came to this earth and what that means for her and her relationship with Him.  That excites me so much!

So here are our busy, full days in pictures…

Remember our Christmas card photo fiasco?  Here is photo session number 2 and this is the best group shot.  I guess we’re not doing the group photo thing this year!

Album 12 - 12- 2009 075

We finally got the tree decorated after it sat in the corner waiting for more than a week.  I wish we could say the same for the lights outside on the house but darkness comes early now a days and the rain fills the days we are home during daylight hours.  But The Baby loves the few large, brightly colored bulbs that we do have.  He points to them every time we are outside.

Album 12 - 12- 2009 110

Album 12 - 12- 2009 130

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Album 12 - 12- 2009 135

During the Christmas season, our schooling takes a different approach.  We still do the basics but we throw in a lot of Christmas related lessons.  We take every opportunity to be creative too!

Album 12 - 12- 2009 163

Of course, we make a lot of messes too! (But we have a lot of fun making them!)

Album 12 - 12- 2009 161

In the quietness of the evenings, I’ve been working on some gifts – some secret, some not so secret…

Album 12 - 12- 2009 181

That’s a look at our busy December.  I hope yours is going well also!

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