Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doing the happy dance

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my new idea for a field trip?

Look what I received today:


And I’m soooo happy.  And not because I’m out of jury duty because that might be cool but because I don’t have to drive downtown!  Sad, I know…

Off to work around the blog -- it’s looking a little neglected so if it gets a little wonky because I’ve messed up an html code thingy, I apologize in advance.

And just because I like pictures and the one above is not very exciting even though it totally made my year day, here’s one of my sweet Sunshine and her buddy:


And this one of the mischievous little brother who can not (and will not and does not) let anyone sleep, trust me on this one:


Uh huh, job done…


You’ve got to love having a toddler around the house!  (Big sister looks like she does! ;0)

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