Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas card photo session number 2 and a proud mommy

If you do not like proud mommy posts, you might not want to read this.  It will be unabashed mommy gushing.  Allright, you’ve been warned!  ;0)

So we tried again to get our Christmas card photo after our last fiasco.  I wanted an outside shot so we waited a few days for the rain to pass.  We finally had a sunshiny day, and I told the kids to get dressed in Christmas colored clothes.  We headed outside and man, it was cold. But the kids were troopers and let me take their pictures.  We just went really, really fast! 

We still did not get a group shot but we did get some great shots.  (ok, commence mommy gushing here…)

~ Apologies for the over abundance of photos.  I had trouble choosing which ones not to share.~

My handsome sons…

Album 12 - 12- 2009 055

(You may notice that The Baby does not like to be held in one place or tied down.  This makes diaper changing a lot of fun and I’ve gotten quite creative with my contortionist son.)

Album 12 - 12- 2009 058

What we usually saw of The Baby:

Album 12 - 12- 2009 053

However, I was able to get this:

Album 12 - 12- 2009 068

Album 12 - 12- 2009 069

My beautiful daughters…

Album 12 - 12- 2009 063

Album 12 - 12- 2009 064

Album 12 - 12- 2009 066

Still trying to get that group shot:

Album 12 - 12- 2009 039

Album 12 - 12- 2009 072

Album 12 - 12- 2009 045I think with five kids, the group shot may be a thing of the past!

So there’s my proud mommy post.  I think I have five handsome/beautiful, wonderfully great kids.


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