Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas card photo fiasco (picture heavy post)

We usually take our own Christmas card photo.  I just like the natural unposed look and the cost isn’t too bad either.  So last night after church, we came home and attempted to take our photo.  These pictures make me giggle… (Apologies in advance for bad quality photos and the large amount of photos.  I’m trying to learn how to use my new camera.)



Ok, so The Baby doesn’t want his picture taken.  (We didn’t get any group shots, by the way.  I guess we’ll try again later! :0)

Let’s try the girls…




So much for not posing!  Still need to work on lighting and the background…let’s try the older boys…

Let’s try looking contemplative…you know, like you’re thinking.



Awww, that’s what they’re contemplating – a baby in a Christmas tree.  (Being held by Daddy, of course.)

Try not to pose.  Look natural…DSCN0099

Like you’re thinking, Hot Rod resulted in this…


He was joking, of course!  He doesn’t normally look like that when he thinks.   More like this…


I’m so bored and I’ve had no nap today.


Sigh!  Will we get any good pictures?


He’s finally letting me take his picture! 

We did get some good shots but I need to work on lighting.  I was going for little light with no flash and I’ve not quite mastered it.  So Christmas card photo session 1 was a bust!  Hopefully, we’ll fit in session 2 and get cards to family and friends before Christmas 2010!

~Written in loving memory of my little brother, Scott, who had to endure photo sessions with his big sister.  We miss you and love you.  We’ll see you again someday.~

Scott Christopher

March 12, 1979 – December 7, 2005

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