Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday weigh in

Weeks ago, I posted that I would post my weight loss results on Wednesdays and well, then life happened.  Let’s just say it has be crazy since David has returned to work.  Honestly, I’ve had little time to really devote to weight loss but I was making little changes here and there.  I was sure that no weight loss was going on and really didn’t want to post my half-hearted results.  Imagine my surprise when last Wednesday, I stepped on the scale and was down 11 pounds!  And that was just with little changes.

Then I went to camp with the Princess and let myself drink some more of my vice Coke.  And now a cold has left me wanting comfort foods (like last night’s chicken and dumplings and pumpkin spice muffins, mmmm) and of course the exercise has not happened either.  I don’t know, a congested head and exercise seem a little, well, dangerous…;0).

So it is no surprise that I found myself back up 3 pounds this morning.

I am once again reminded that this new way of eating has to become a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.  So I am back on the weightloss bandwagon especially as we approach the holidays that are full of eating opportunities. 

And because I like pictures, here is a picture of our current favorite healthy snack food:

Album 11 - 17 - 2009 073


They are so easy for little hands to peel.  We go through these rather quickly.  Good thing they are on sale right now!

Album 11 - 17 - 2009 071

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