Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Weigh in

I forgot to weigh before I ate breakfast so I’m not sure how accurate these results are. The scale says that I have lost 1 pound. So that makes a grand total of 9 pounds lost. Any progress is still progress, right? Slow but steady wins the race and all that!

My goal for the holidays is to maintain this weight. Oh, and not drink all of my calories in Coca-cola everyday! I don’t believe that I’ll add any other dietary requirements at this time of year. I’d probably just set myself up for disappointment.

A blast from the past: As I was searching through old pictures for an assignment that Hot Rod has for Boy Scouts, I came across this old picture of The Baby. If I could do this at meal time, I could probably lose some weight rather quick like. Maybe I’ll try this while we sit around the Thanksgiving table!


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