Monday, November 23, 2009

Preschool – T is for Turkey

I love having a preschooler around. They are so fun!

This past week we focused on T is for Turkey. Album 11 - 17 - 2009 054

We tore tissue paper and made a letter T sun catcher.

Album 11 - 17 - 2009 058

We made turkeys using our hands and our feet. This is an activity that I have done every year with my children and also did with my students when I taught school. However, this year I am going to mount them in a scrapbook with some our leaves of thankfulness. Then next year, we will pull them out and read about our previous Thanksgiving.

Album 11 - 17 - 2009 104

Everyone did a hand and foot turkey. My kitchen cabinets look so festive right now!

Album 11 - 17 - 2009 097 Album 11 - 17 - 2009 096

We placed toys and toiletries in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

Album 11-22-2009 003 We made patterns using “turkey feathers”.

Album 11-22-2009 012

We counted the same said feathers.

Album 11-22-2009 018

And made a Native American headdress by using real feathers though we called them “turkey feathers”.

Album 11-22-2009 019

And here she is saying, “Take a picture of my t,t,t, teeth.”

Album 11-22-2009 002

The letter T was totally terrific!

(Some of the activities pictured above were used from the site: Making Learning Fun. There are some great activities there! We used the activities on this page for this week.)

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