Wednesday, November 25, 2009


thanksgiving lapbook 001

I have said it before but we love making lapbooks. I wanted to share one of the lapbooks that my son made for our Thanksgiving unit.

Some people get really fancy with the file folders and different folds for the little books that go inside. We keep it pretty simple. I want my children to construct most of the book themselves and while some of the folded books are really neat, if I am the one who has to do it, then it is my project and not my child’s. Also, we only had manilla folders but we have used colored folders too.

thanksgiving lapbook 002

We use information from various sources. For this book we used, History Pockets: Colonial America, Enchanted Learning, and parts of a free lapbook from Live and Learn Press. We usually use lapbook pages from homeschoolshare.

thanksgiving lapbook 003

We read our books which are our sources of information and then we color pictures, maps, etc. to put in our books. We will write narrations throughout the lapbook.

Some of the books look rather simple but…thanksgiving lapbook 005

once unfolded, you can see that they contain other information. The boys had to write the requested information in this book.

thanksgiving lapbook 006

This was the favorite activity of the whole lapbook. They had to complete a poll of how many people like dark meat and how many liked white meat. They then graphed the results.

thanksgiving lapbook 007

The final assignment is a narration of the information that they learned. I type for them and we place it in the lapbook.

thanksgiving lapbook 008

It’s not unusual for the kids to pull out a lapbook from the past and reread it. They are a great learning tool!

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