Monday, November 23, 2009

Home school – Month of November

We had a great month of learning this month particularly in history.  We took a break from the history books and decided to use some living books for our study of the first Thanksgiving and Colonial America. 

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We made lapbooks containing information on the First Thanksgiving.  We love lapbooks around here. 

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David and I are always amazed with the amount of information that the children retain when we use lapbooks and living books. 

The boys also had an assignment to construct a colonial style home. 

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Books we used for our study of The Pilgrims and Colonial America:

If You Were at the First Thanksgiving

If You Sailed on The Mayflower in 1620

If You Lived in Colonial Times

Thanksgiving – A Harvest Celebration

Pilgrims of Plymouth

Teacher’s Resources:

Colonial American Activity Book

History Pockets: Colonial America

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We also began a study of chemistry.  Here the kids are seeing how chemistry is a part of our everyday lives by searching for chemicals in normal household items.  We are looking forward to many experiments over the next few weeks.  We are using this text for Chemistry:  Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.

Of course, we squeezed in reading, writing, and arithmetic. ;0)  The month of December will find us studying Native Americans and Christmas Around the World.

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