Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 4 in our home school – The artsy week

Album 9 - 18- 2009 035 This was a busy week in our school.  We did all of the normal…reading, writing, arithmetic…but we also focused quite a bit on art this week.  David, my husband, is very artistic and I am not.  It seems that our children seem to be inheriting his artistic abilities.  Album 9 - 18- 2009 005 I am thankful for that!


The three older children spent some time working on some projects that they will enter in the parish fair. 


Album 9 - 18- 2009 003

They are all excited about the prospect of winning ribbons for their projects.




Album 9 - 18- 2009 036  We also spent some time at Artbreak Art Days with other home schoolers.  Our home school group has been given the opportunity to display our children’s art at Artbreak in the spring.  So we met with other homeschoolers and did various projects.  I did not get many pictures because I was presenting to the Kindergarten group and my boys are getting into the “too cool” for pictures stage.

We are still trying to get into the groove of a new school year.  After a rough day on Tuesday, (and a rough three weeks before that) I ended up revamping our whole school schedule in the hopes that it would work better for my one child who is just not settling into the new school year with ease.  I’m praying that we will see some improvement over the next few days and weeks. 

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