Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preschool in our home

Years ago while studying accounting in college, I made the comment that I would never teach little ones.  I said that I just didn’t have the patience to work with anyone under the age of 14.  Of course, two years later, I changed my major to elementary/special education and taught eight years in classrooms with children ages 6 – 9.  I have really fallen in love with teaching especially teaching the little ones.  I love doing preschool with my children. 

My preschooler right now is 3 year old Sunshine Girl.  We will spend this year and next doing various fun activities getting her ready for Kindergarten.  She loves school and tells people all the time about her school. 

Album 9 - 18- 2009 019 Cutting carrots with help from Mommy.

Most of the activities that I do for preschool, I have found on the internet.  The backbone of my program comes from here using the preparatory curriculum

We read a lot of books.  This week we read The Shy Little Kitten, The Farmer’s Huge Carrot, C is for Clown, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Album 9 - 18- 2009 020 Of course, everyone had to try out the carrots that we cut!

We paint, color, and cut a lot.  Actually, Sunshine Girl’s favorite thing to do is cut.  So we also work on picking up after we cut too. 

Album 9 - 18- 2009 022 Painting with carrots using blue – our color of the week.

We have a lot of fun in our preschool and the other kids have a hard time not getting involved too.

Album 9 - 18- 2009 026 Everyone holding their hands out for confetti.

Album 9 - 18- 2009 030

Throwing the confetti in the air in celebration of the letter c.

There are so many great places on the internet to visit for ideas for teaching preschool.  Here are some that I frequently visit:

DLTK  - I get my letter templates from here.  There are also many activities and printables.

Walking by the Way – I just recently came across this blog.  She has a category, Read to me & ABC, that has some wonderful ideas.

Homeschoolshare – I use the pictures from here to complete Sunshine Girl’s lapbook.  I love this site and use it frequently for lapbooks for my older children too!

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