Friday, September 25, 2009

Home school Week 5 – Fun with Food

This week was our week to get our 4-H projects to the fair. It all started on Monday when The Princess was entering drop cookies in the bake-off. This summer while curriculum planning, I asked her what she would like to study in addition to the normal school subjects this year. She told me that she would like to learn to cook. In searching, I found a book called Creative Kids: Simple Cooking Fun. This particular book links literature with cooking and I’m all about the literature! I pulled out the book and hoped that there would be a cookie recipe. There was and we had the book in our home library! Yippee! Let’s make a math lesson out of it!

So on Monday morning I read the book M&M’s Counting Book to the kids and we did the activities in the book. It was way too simple for my 4th and 6th graders but they had fun anyway. Anything involving food is fun, right? ;0)

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First, we estimated what we had in our package of m&m’s. Then we sorted and graphed the m&m’s.

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We followed directions and as a result we added, multiplied, and divided. Then we subtracted by eating the m & m’s.

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That afternoon, the Princess baked the cookies. We had to change the recipe a little to make them drop cookies since that was all that the Cloverbuds (young 4-Hers) were allowed to enter.

The Princess had a blast baking the cookies and we are all excited about cooking some of the other recipes in the book.

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The face of a happy girl doing what she enjoys.

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