Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heard in our house, part 2

I’ve been struggling with meeting my 40s in a few years.  As I approach middle age, I am very aware of the fact that I do not look like I did in my 20s.  So I’ve been on (and off) of a diet again in a quest to lose weight.  I’ve also changed my hair in an effort to look younger and more “hip”.

Album 9-2-2009 074

So about a month ago, I had my hair shortened by about 7 inches and had it styled to flip out.  I loved it but as it grew out, it was too much work for me and was taking up a lot of my time that I needed to spend else where.




Album 9-2-2009 079

So this weekend, I returned to the hairstylist and had her shorten my hair about another 2 inches into a bob with the hope that I would not spend so much time styling my hair but at the same time retain that youthful appearance that I was going for.

Album 9-2-2009 092

I walked into the house, hoping to receive the same comments of “You’re so pretty” from my children like I did after my first haircut a month ago. 


Album 9-2-2009 086

The kids were oooing and awwwing over my hair when The Princess paid me the highest compliment ever…




You look just like Dora (the Explorer), Mommy.”

Well…I was going for more youthful!

(All pictures were taken by 9 year old Hot Rod.)


  1. Well, I love the new look and I don't think you look like Dora ;)! And you are still VERY young!!!! You are not "old" till you can't tie your shoes. Have a great week.

  2. Thanks Mackey! I actually did look a little like a blonde headed Dora the day I came home with the cut. The stylist did not use a straightening iron so it was a little fuller...kind of like Dora's!


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