Monday, March 19, 2018

The time has come for changes

The time has come when I am at the point in life that I must make changes.  For months, I've been trying (and failing) to run and upkeep two blogs.  And I simply can not do it.  

With that said, I'm not going to be posting on this blog, for the moment.  I am not going to close it down because the archives receive some views and I know others draw information that they need from here.  Nor am I going to say that I won't ever be back.  Just for now, I'm going to pour myself into my main blog.

Are you looking for a place of inspiration and help for the busy mom?  See me over here at

Simply & Truly {Home}

Thanks for being with me on this journey!  I hope you'll join me as I continue on in  a new place.  

Here's the post I wrote today over at S&TH explaining my plans:
First, after reading the title, let me say this:  No, I’m not moving blogs.  Again!  (I’m staying put.)
I’m staying here on this blog Simply & Truly Home.  However, as the title suggests, I am going to make some changes:
  • This blog is about to go through a facelift procedure.  A new header, a new look.  Changes here and there.  It’s all about to happen here at S&T.
  • This blog will become more focused.  I’m going to making this blog more focused on cultivating a culture of joy & loving our families and our homes.  There may still be some other random posts, but mostly, it will be a place to find inspiration for moms.  (I hope!)
  • There will be at least one post a week for now.  At least.  Maybe more.  There is a lot of work to do on the backside of this blog.  See, when I moved this blog, in true amateur fashion, I didn’t ensure that my older post had pictures and links before changing hosting.  I’m working back through older posts and linking here and there to categories & fixing broken links.  At some point I’m going to be adding pictures to some of the older posts too, because the pictures are gone after the move!
  • I will not be posting on my other blog Simply and Truly for the time being. (Edited to clarify.  I will not be posting on this blog.)  I simply do not have time to run two blogs at the moment.  So I’m pouring my time and attention into this blog.
But for now, I’m focusing on consistently writing good, quality posts at least once a week. I’ll more than likely include some posts about our family life too, because I personally love blogs that are practical and relational.  Another hope of mine is to begin including freebies for moms and ladies to help in our homes.  I have big dreams and plans for this blog!  I hope you’ll join me.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Monthly Goals {March}

It's been over a month since I last shared, but I'm jumping in today with a few goals for the month of March.

I like to write goals because having goals gives me direction and focus.  Without goals, I have a tendency to not get as much done. 

Here are my goals for March:

:::build a raised bed

:::paint foyer and hall & decorate

:::make signs to sell during Sale on the Trail in May

:::clean out storage and purge things (sell what can be sold)

:::yard clean up & flowers

:::blog 3X a week (on other blog.  at least 2X a week on this blog)

:::spend individual time with kids

:::date night with Dave (overnight trip?)

You can also see my goals for the year here.

Do you write goals?  I know some people can fly by the seat of their pants.  I"m know one of those who can, but I know some people who do and do it well!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekly Goals #1

Read any self improvement books on time management, and one thing they stress is writing goals.  I write goals for my year (which I shared here on my blog).  But I also write weekly goals using inspiration from Edie of Life in Grace. 

Last year, I started with the bullet point journal and writing goals for my week.  (See the link to Edie for her video on bullet journaling.)  Last year, I used a composition notebook that I had around the house.  I loved the way the journal gave me focus, and I truly believe that my productivity has been increased.  This year, I bought a cute little journal at Target.  Oh man, I love this little journal!

So every Sunday night or Monday morning, I write out things I'd like to accomplish for the week.  These may be house projects, relationships that need attention, or health/personal goals. 

Then through out the week, I use this list to guide me to get things done!

On this week's to do list:


  • Declutter and purge magazines
  • Purge books (makes me sad...)
  • Master bedroom/vacuum baseboards and corners
  • Continue Decluttering master bedroom
  • Grade/File papers
  • Write plans for week
  • Message 2 friends to catch up
  • Write cards to 2 friends dealing with health issues & grief
  • Family night at end of week
  • Possible date night or wait a week?
  • Blog 3+ times
  • Complete signs 
  • Put monograms on purses
  • Organize and clear pictures on phone
  • Workout 3+ times
  • Take dog for walks
  • Plan out elimination diet to begin next week (except)
  • Eliminate gluten this week 

So now I have list of what I want to work towards this week.  One thing I've learned through the years is this, I don't let myself get uptight if I don't accomplish this very well.  I do what I can, I focus on what is most important, and then I move the rest to the next week or so.  But at least now, I've got some focus for the week! 

Do you write goals?  Yearly?  Monthly?  Weekly?  Or none?  

PS.  Little flower made for me by my daughter, Abby.  

Friday, January 19, 2018

Chicken Snacks

Upon moving back to Louisiana, one of the first things the kids wanted to know was if we were going to be getting any chickens.  

Then spring rolled around, and guess what?  We did get chickens! 

We started with 9 chickens.  Two died. (They were bantams.  They weren't easy to care for as chicks.)  We got six more.  We gave two meat chickens away. (We didn't want meat chickens.)  And then we gave three chickens to some new friends to reduce the size of our flock.   

Our little flock was now eight chickens strong:  six pullets and two roosters.  I'll introduce you to our little flock one day.  

But for now, let's talk about chicken snacks.  

I am known as the snack lady.  Most times that I walk out the door, the chickens come running to the edge of their chicken run for a snack.  Some days I come bearing vegetable and fruit scraps or a warm pancake. During the summer, there are usually garden weeds or older produce. 

But one of their favorite snacks during the winter is weeds that I gather around the yard.  We can't really free range where our home is situated.  And I don't have as many yummy garden snacks during the winter either.  

However, under our little bare fig tree lies some yummy green weeds.  Some of it is clover.  Some of it is chick weed.  All of it is yummy to the chickens.  So I will rake a bit up and give it the chickens in place of kitchen scraps.  

Want to know what you can and can't feed a chicken, here's a post about that.  (Be sure to check out what they don't need to eat.) 

Our chickens love all things green & leafy, tomatoes, cooked rice, the last warm pancake that no one was going to eat, and fruits or vegetable peelings.  I'm glad to have chickens again.  They truly bring a lot of joy and fun to our family!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Current Read

I love to read.  Reading is something that I do every single day - even if I can only squeeze in a few minutes before falling asleep at night. 

In the mornings, after I read my Bible, I will read a bit from a devotional book and then some sort of motivational/personal development type book.   Then in the evenings, I read whatever fiction book I am reading at the moment.

Currently, the non-fiction book I am reading in the mornings is Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion For Life by Crystal Paine. 

The author, Crystal Paine, is someone whom I find highly motivational.  She has a gift for motivating and leading without being preachy or condescending.  I've been following Crystal's blog, Money Saving Mom, for years!  She is very real and open, and I think that's what I can relate to most about her and her writings.

So many times over the past few years, I've told my husband and friends that I felt I was just in survival mode.  So to find a book written by Crystal about getting out of survival mode...well, I'm on it! 

As of this writing, I am about half way through the book.  So far I've learned about saying yes to the best things, setting goals, and discipline.  Currently, I'm reading through the chapter on being intentional with your bank account.  From what I've read so far, I have gathered practical, applicable advice about living an intentional life without wearing myself to a frazzle. The chapters to come deal with the home, feeling a failure, making a difference, and more.

The introduction begins with:
Frazzled, Tired, and Behind?  You're Not Alone
So if you feel like you're living in survival mode,  you are not alone, my friend. And I'm glad I've got this book to show me I'm not the only one who wants to be free from the bondage of just trying to survive.  It's time to thrive!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

10 on 10 {January 2018}

So much for finishing the December Photo Project strongly (see the last line here).  And January has been a little eh too.

But here we are on the 17th of January and I'm jumping in with 10 on 10...a week late.

I've been participating in 10 on 10 for quite some time now, and I love it.  The tenth of the month becomes a day for me to slow down and just see the beauty in my every day life.

Here's a snapshot of our lives on the tenth of January 2018:

Most mornings start just like this:  Coffee, a cozy blanket, and the Word of God.

One of my goals for 2018 is to read through the entire Bible.  I'm using the Bible app (which is totally free!) to keep me on track.

Usually after I've read the Word and some sort of motivational book, I will head towards the kitchen for a quick breakfast.  Since I've been having some gallbladder issues, most mornings I just eat a turkey fold over sandwich because it's one food that doesn't bother me.  These two, who are not supposed to be on the table, like to arrive and turn up the cuteness so I will give them some of my turkey.  My husband calls it "turkey time" when he sees the cats running because I opened the refrigerator door.

In addition to my turkey sandwich, I will some times drink a little Naked Juice Green Machine Smoothie with a sprinkling of chia.  I thought it looked so festive in the red fiestaware cup!

Before we started off the school day, I headed out to visit with the chickens and to give them a snack.

And then we were off and learning!

However, the day went a little south with a leak, digging to find the leak, and a lot of mud!  Then we had a sick child.  And the microwave died.  It was just one of those days!

So I figured it was time for this Momma to enjoy a cup of chocolate chai latte, journal a bit, and do a little garden dreaming.

And that's ten snapshots of our lives from the tenth of January 2018.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Speaking of antics...

Last week got away from me and I missed posting for the December Photo Project.  Over on my main blog, I shared about last week being stressful with all of the Christmas prep and ways that I'm trying to keep things simple & myself centered.

And one of the ways I'm coping with stress is with our two kittens, Paisley & Autumn, who happen to also be sisters.

And I'm completely serious.  These two make me laugh (Autumn) and snuggle with me (Paisley).  I wasn't sure about bringing two young cats into the house, but I'm glad that we did!  Because laughter and the love of a pet help reduce my stress!

 Here are a few of their silly antics (they give the elf a run for her money)...

Autumn in a box of Christmas decor.  See the red mesh?  She and Paisley pulled that out and wrestled with it, and made a big ole' jumble of red and gold mesh.  It's in the trash now because they found wrestling it at 1 a.m. in the morning to be the thing to do.

Paisley likes to join me as I work at my desk.  This particular time she thought she'd catch the cursor on the screen.

And if she doesn't get right in the middle of all of my things on the desk...

She will instead get right up in my face.

(no makeup day.  :-) )

It's not unusual to look around and find these two in various places.

But every night ends the same...with Paisley and Autumn hanging with us, and sometimes they are joined by their big brother, Snowball (our dog).  

I'm glad we added Paisley and Autumn to our family!

See you back tomorrow (hopefully...) for more December Photo Project.  I'm going to finish strong!

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